Acquires input from stdin, usually the (console's) keyboard.


C++ uses the cin object defined with the standard namespace of the <iostream> header file.


cin is the name given to the standard input stream stdin.


Used with the >> stream extraction operator to send the incoming entered stream from stdin to a specified variable.


Closed with a semi-colon ;


A major difference to C’s scanf() function.


Compile & Run:

Please enter your first name:Gomez 

You entered: Gomez



Or getting more than one value, as per line 10:

Compile & Run:

Please enter your first name, and your age:
You entered your name as: Harriette and your age as: 33



*Note: that cin stops reading the input stream as soon as it reaches the first blank space character.


To acquire a whole sentence, including blanks, the getline() function is preferred:

Compile & Run:

Please enter the name of your favourite band:
The Fall
Yeah, The Fall Rock!

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